Meaningful Lives Matter

Employees in the Western world are lucky enough to have their base level needs met by the society around them. Many people in many countries are so well supported by society that they have no need to work in order to meet their physiological, safety, and belonging needs.

People who do work do so to realise their needs for esteem and self-actualisation. As employees these individuals seek purpose in their work and it brings meaning to their lives.

These are the people eeStrategy enables. We help companies execute management structures that engage and retain employees through their intrinsic motivation to help the company, and by extension themselves, succeed in life.

Focusing on Motivation

Why do people work for your company? Some will do it to meet base needs, some will work to fund their life outside-of-work, some will proudly identify as an employee of your company, and others will be there for the free lunches and dry cleaning. Hopefully there are some who are there to, first and foremost, help further the aims of the company. These employees are already engaged, you just need to properly recognize their efforts.

Why start with compensation?

Compensation is the least well serviced module of all the talent management suites. Compensation is also the highest specific cost item and the least well executed in most companies. More than anything, compensation is the most data intensive area of human resources and the easiest area making it the easiest space to maximum maximise impact on employee motivation.

Unlike other areas of talent management, compensation is heavily influenced by external factors that are also quantifiable. Where it is appropriate for talent management suites to collect and collate subjective decisions from managers about their employees, compensation requires multiple perspectives (including the manager's) in order to reach the optimum decisions.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke

Results from our work

One strategy and a singular global best practice

“It took me minutes to accomplish with eeCompensation what has previously taken hours with spreadsheets"

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Unique Compensation Strategy Requirements

"eeCompensation is a very user-friendly system which has greatly helped us streamline our compensation review processes"

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Sustaining global growth with eeCompensation

"The need to attract new employees with competitively structured cash compensation packages drove us to redefine our approach"

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Partner with eeStrategy to ensure your employees are recognized for the meaningful work they do.

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