Step into the Light

HR has been neglected and relegated to using second rate tools to manage companies' "most valuable asset" for far too long.

The pandemic is over. It's time to get compensation right.


Until now, compensation technology has merely paved existing cow paths - doing the same things that have always been done a little more efficiently.

That's all changed.

The days of manual compensation analysis and spreadsheets are dead and buried. Killed by statistics and machine learning enabled technology like eeCompensation.


Managers love the clear guidance and intuitive recommendation interface. It couldn't be simpler!


Compensation analysts and spreadsheets have ruled the day. Until now. eeCompensation provides complete end-to-end automation from initial modeling to capturing manager recommendations to employee statements.

Demonstrably Fair Pay

As regulations tighten you need a technology solution that ensures fair outcomes for employees and employers alike. eeCompensation completes pay audits and recommends adjustments to ensure fairness.

Budget Optimisation

eeCompensation optimises pay outcomes, not merely processes. Squeeze blood from compensation budgets to recognize those employees who deserve it most.

Baked-in Analytics

eeCompensation tracks every decision to ensure early intervention when and where it's required.


Automatically applying company pay policies to each employee guarantees fair and transparent pay decisions.

eeCompensation completely supports personalised employee pay arrangements to ensure employees are appropriately recognized for their contributions.

Individual employees can be independently valued against market and company priorities to ensure consistent pay decision transparency and fairness across your organisation

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