Global Compensation Management

Case Study: Unique Compensation Review Customisation

Company overview and background

An international property group with broad skills across the property value chain. Headquartered in Australia, it operates three core businesses: project management and construction, property investment management, and property development.

They have been using eeCompensation to perform their Australian compensation review since 2007, included APAC in 2008 and was rolled out globally in 2010.

The Challenges to be met

Before eeCompensation they experienced several system changes before ending up using Excel spreadsheets as their compensation review tool. This presented them with several challenges:

Starting the Journey

Their aim was to improve the review process so that it was streamlined, efficient, reliable and audit-compliant. Armed with these requirements, they went to market in 2006 and evaluated a number of products.

eeCompensation was chosen primarily due to its ability to be easily customised to meet their unique requirements. Another key consideration was the responsiveness of the eeCompensation team to achieving these requirements. Due to both the success of the Australian implementation as well as eeCompensation’s ability to support multi-currency reviews, in 2008 they decided to include APAC and by 2010 they deployed their compensation review globally.

eeCompensation has significantly improved their ability to manage the review process with key benefits being:

eeCompensation has become an integral component of their Global compensation reviews.

eeCompensation is a very user-friendly system which has greatly helped us streamline our compensation review processes…it has received positive feedback from line managers. - Compensation and Reward Manager, Australia

Results from our work

One strategy and a singular global best practice

“It took me minutes to accomplish with eeCompensation what has previously taken hours with spreadsheets"

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Unique Compensation Strategy Requirements

"eeCompensation is a very user-friendly system which has greatly helped us streamline our compensation review processes"

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Sustaining global growth with eeCompensation

"The need to attract new employees with competitively structured cash compensation packages drove us to redefine our approach"

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